Parents For Students Safety

is a group of parents and citizens in Williamson County, Tennessee, who are taking a stand to bring positive changes for the health and safety of school children. We want a healthy, toxin free environment where our kids learn, play and eat in our schools.

We have been actively raising awareness in our community and with school officials of the unseen dangers of chemicals, VOC's triggering repair /remodeling or cleaning projects, pesticides and other toxic contaminants in and around schools to avoid further exposures to damaging substances of our students while they are at school. We are expanding also to other important safety and health issues and aligning with the Coordinated School Health of the State of Tennessee.

Our requests are,that any remodeling projects or pesticide applications, disinfecting and cleaning procedures, but not limited to these, are performed when students are not in schools. We ask that, if applications of emergency cleanup or repairs are needed and other projects as such, and even if safe thought products are being used,  that these projects and substances will be executed and applied in a manner as to NOT expose students via skin, inhalation or ingestion in any manner at school and to fully apply the Precautionary Principles  in environmental science. (Source: NCBI   https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1240435/  )
 and additional common sense guidelines and suggestions as listed in the publications below. We envision that also an independent Student Health

Protection Agency will be created soon and that schools will notify parents of upcoming maintenance and/or repair or other projects which impacts indoor air, the school buildings and areas around schools and the safety measures taken to protect students from exposures to health harming substances.

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  4. Healthy Schools Network [www.healthyschools.orgsolutions for healthier schools
  5. ​Precautionary Principles as per [​www.sehn.org]
  6. Great need to create/use independent Agency to investigate any reports from parents and/or students on health hazardous indoor air or areas around school campuses which will help enforce the above common sense safety guidelines and specifically to protect students. (Currently no Agency can go into schools to protect student health. Only employees of schools are protected by OSHA, NIOSH).