We passed  our  bill HB1712*Gilmore/SB2589*Crowe 

passed TN Legislature in 2016 for the protection of people with Asthma and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

OP-ED in the Tennessean February 25, 2​014

OP-ED In The Tennessean March 26, 2014  

Student health and Safety advocate thanks Williamson County

school board,TN, for listening...

Article by Maria Giordano-The Williamson A.M./Section of The Tennessean, November 19,2013

Familiar parent activist against how chemicals are being used around students in Williamson County Schools, Daniela Kunz, is again driving attention to
the issue.
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               In the news.....

Interview with Daniela Kunz & 

Amy Balderrama, LEED-AP  

Nov. 11, 2013.

Fox 17 News, Nashville, TN,
conducted by Erika Lathon

[See  video  clip below ] 

See further below this text the most recent  YouTube video of Williamson County School Board meeting of March 27, 2017 - Public Comment of Founder and President Daniela Kunz / starting at minutes 6:13  into the video clip  / for  National Healthy Schools Day 2017 

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